Innovation is hard

Which is why we have spent a LONG time thinking about how to solve the BIG service delivery problems facing the public sector today.

Rather than iterate on what others have done, we have started from scratch on what citizens expect of services be they private or public sector in the year 2016.

So we’ve thought long and hard about what we should and, possibly more importantly, what we shouldn’t do.

To sanity check our ideas and ensure they complement a real return on investment, we have partnered with the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk who have provided invaluable customer services and back office process expertise.

We realised that you needed lots of bits to complete the digital by default puzzle

To create a solution, which would enable a next generation approach to customer service delivery, we found, after investigation, that you needed to lose reliance on existing back office services and start afresh.

Whilst this meant more work for our team, it meant that we wouldn’t hindered by the limitations that can be introduced by integrating to legacy systems designed many years ago. 

The result is the creation and linking up of four distinct products all designed to work in harmony with one another:



Mobile responsive citizen portal spanning the whole council with a single sign on. Customer Services have enhanced access to the same solution, providing a single view across all back office apps and access to all online forms



A next gen workflow engine capable of having multi-stage processes that can be tracked by the citizen online within their OneVu account. Council staff can request information online from citizens and in turn citizens can upload information online.



A single unified cross UK account creation and management solution. Enabling accounts to be created via an Email Address, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Citizens, Council and Contractor staff all have a OneVault account.



What if standardisation wasn’t a problem? With eDesigner you can build your own forms without code, which, like IEG4’s main product forms, have the ability to be linked to OpenProcess workflows and thus be tracked by citizens.

A different approach

We think differently, which is why our solution is going where no citizen portal has gone before! Click below to see how we think differently.

Think differently

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