Self Service and CRM should be the same thing

Customer Relationship Management systems have a bad reputation in the public sector. Primarily because they are hugely expensive and in our experience are not used for all services meaning they are doomed from the outset. But having a consistent record of all customer interactions is a brilliant thing. It ensures that all of a citizens interactions can be linked, interrelated activities can be identified and crucially provides a huge raft of data upon which to inform future policy/service delivery methodology.

As well as under utilisation CRM projects typically involve a MASSIVE program to carry out Master Data Management (MDM). The purpose of which is noble but is largely an arbitrary one of process. For example to create a link Jim Smith in Social Care with James Smith in Council Tax. You can see why it makes sense to create a unique record for the person but things constantly change and so the reconciliation, linking and splitting of records becomes a full time, all encompassing and ongoing task if it is to remain useful.

Have a look

With OneVu, your customer services staff can access the same platform that citizens do. But when they login they are provided additional options such as search for cases and viewing recently accessed cases:

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 20.42.35

And just like a traditional CRM, your officers can log calls or face to face contacts using a single clean user interface:

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 20.48.30

As OneVu is service agnostic you set up the service areas:

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 21.00.38

As well as setting up both the call types within that area and the different note categories:

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 21.01.02

However, if you consider the purpose of MDM it is, essentially, to create a linked record for a customer for n number of departments for which they are associated. That is to say all of the work involved in doing this across all Council Tax departments is on the chance that the customer MIGHT contact the council to talk about more than one council department’s services. It can cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds to do this across the council and maintain it ongoing

To be clear we think it is great linking people to multiple departments and creating a linked ‘golden’ record. We just think it needs a different approach. So when a citizen creates their account they are able to authenticate themselves to access their case data with each department. But this is done adhoc when they actually want to see information from multiple different departments.

Likewise our Customer Services Vu allows Council staff taking calls to do this with the citizen over the phone. When they carry out this ad hoc authentication for each department on the citizen’s behalf a ‘golden record’ is created and the citizens details for each back office department are then linked. Meaning that the next time the citizen access their account they will be able to access the case information from each back office service in one place.