Simple yet Secure

I’ve created an online citizen account. It wasn’t good. It took 11 steps for me to be able to access my Council Tax details and I found out nothing I didn’t already know. The service in question only provided Revenues and Benefits services and if I needed to access other services out with these I’d need to leave my account. Not good. Plus the ‘online’ services within my account were inconsistent. Some were PDFs, none were mobile responsive and the online forms available used different technologies so there was a lack of consistency/standardisation of user experience. Again – not good.

So we take a different approach. That is to say a citizen can create an account in a matter of seconds and the account provides access to ALL Council services.

Citizens can create a citizen account using their email address, Twitter, Facebook or Google account.

Creating an account means the citizen will have online forms pre-populated with their details and they can track the progress of their requests.

“I’ve struggled with why someone would want a citizen account. IEG4’s account set up is simple and, with tracking, provides enough value to the citizen that it makes sense to have an account.”Honor Howell, Assistant Director, Customer Services, Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk

Plus, to recognise that citizens also need to access personal data, we’ve built in a real time two-factor authentication mechanism. So, should a citizen want to find out personal information held in a back office application, we will ask them for information specific information sets, which only the citizen would know. By replicating what would happen if the citizen called someone, we check in real time if the person is who they say they are based upon the data they provide.

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