Thinking Differently

Doing things differently is risky.
This is particularly true in the public sector where there is a natural aversion to risk. But only by taking a different approach can you think about service delivery models that don’t exist today.
To help you understand what we mean by thinking differently we’ve created dedicated pages to each of the areas where we do something differently to effect change and increase channel shift. 

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Customers first

Most citizen accounts today have been designed by back office system suppliers. So they're system not customer led in design.

Personalised FAQs

Answering a customers questions before they've asked them. Click below for more:

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Simple vs secure

Generating uptake of an online service is making sign up simple. Many solutions involve a 2 day wait for a letter!

Smart sign

Social account sign in & real time service authentication = quicker sign up. Click below for more:

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Progress Tracking

The OneVu solution was the first public sector solution to have the notion of citizens tracking the progress of ANY service request.

And more

You can also request & receive info from citizens through their account. Click below for more:

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Everything Online

Many services, even today, are still in PDF format. Plus, many Councils have forms in different formats so some are great and some are poor.

It's Possible!

With IEG4's library of services and eDesigner you can ensure every service is online, mobile responsive and trackable

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Smart Search

If one does a search on a Council website using a search term that is not the actual name of the service, chances are it will find nothing or the wrong thing.

Search you control

With OneVu you can set up the search criteria and key words to be used when searching for online services. Click below for more.

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A Post-CRM era

Typical public sector CRM applications are expensive, and rarely deliver upon their premise because they don't span all channels.

Digital is King

OneVu is a single digital platform that enables contacts, irrespective of channel to be recorded. Click below for more:

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